Kemp honored with big slice of St. Louis history 

Museum reveals all nearby St. Louis County cakes by distance

No stranger to presenting deliciously engineered works, Kemp Auto Museum was honored to receive one of the most anticipated St. Louis deserts since Ted Drewes. An ornamental “Cakeway to West” cake sculpture, installed at the museum on February 26, 2014.

“It has already been drawing some serious visitor attention,” said Museum Director Lisa Roberts. “Interest, we believe, will only climb as more cakes crop up.”

The “Cakeway to the West” exhibit, which has been developing secretly since January, is a region wide spectacle of cakes celebrating the city’s 250th birthday. STL250 is the organization leading the exhibit. They kicked off the display with a public vote, collectively spreading the birthday cheer with Kemp and 249 other noted St. Louis landmarks.

“Together, we and other chosen locations will give residents a taste of St. Louis never before enjoyed,” said Roberts. “Every cake at every location will be an opportunity to learn more about our great city and the many pieces that make it so enriching.”

Both a showcase and a scavenger hunt, the cake exhibit will offer fun for residents and visitors year round.

Soon STL250 will launch an interactive social media application allowing cake chasers to track their adventures. One part mobile almanac, two parts digital compass,  the app will give users thrilling insights about the locations they’re visiting, including hidden facts and head twisters only available on the app. In addition, users can share their progress through “check ins" and receive points toward sweepstakes prizes in June and December.

“The cake won’t be hard to miss, “said Mike Dyer, Assistant Curator at Kemp Auto Museum. “Standing at four feet tall and weighing more than a ton it reflects the museum perfectly and we’re very proud to have it.”

And while most cakes are located in downtown St. Louis, in such places as the Saint Louis Art Museum and the Gateway Arch, residents willing to venture further west might want to read the list below. Starting at the museum, there are at least 10 nearby locations cake chasers can plan to visit and productively rake in the points. Neighboring Kemp Auto Museum from closest to farthest, these locations include:

Nearby Cake Locations

Butterfly House at Faust - 3.3 mi

Old Bonhomme Church – 3.7 mi

Spirit of St. Louis Airport -  3.9 mi

Babler State Park – 7.6 mi

Manchester City Hall – 8.3 mi

AKC Museum of the Dog - 8.6 miles mi

The Lodge at Des Peres – 11.1 mi

Barretts Elementary School - 11.1 mi

Rockwoods Reservation – 13.8 mi

Castlewood Park – 14.4 mi

World Bird Sanctuary - 14.9 mi

These spots are just the beginning in West County with more being announced each day on the Cakeway to the West website. For more information about the museum’s cake site contact (636)537-1718 or visit for additional location and launch dates. Cakes will be on display year round, with candles blowing out December 31, 2014.

Posted by Jada Jamison Friday, March 07, 2014 2:03:00 PM
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