Volunteer at the Kemp Auto Museum

A Museum is only as strong as the community that supports it, and Museum Docents are the keystone of the Kemp Auto Museum. Highly knowledgeable and extremely passionate, they give their free time to enhance the experience of every visitor that comes through the door. Whether representing the Museum at a Car Show, giving a guided tour on the weekend, teaching a class of children where the automobile belongs in history or simply lending their real-world expertise to the Museum’s staff, Kemp Auto Museum volunteers are needed to make our programs work!

The Museum’s New Docents Training Program begins with an orientation to the program and the Museum. Training sessions are led by current Museum staff and guest speakers and are held the first and third Monday of each month from 10am-Noon. Docents need only complete four sessions to graduate from the program and become an invaluable member of the Kemp Auto Museum team.

Any volunteers?

Docents learn about permanent and changing exhibitions at the Museum as well as touring techniques for diverse visitors. For information and to receive a docent packet, please contact Lisa Roberts or Curator Terry Trowbridge at 636.537.1718 or email us at info@kempautomuseum.org.

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